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  • 1786")Instant Ice Packs x 20


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  • 1119")Luxury Reusable Hot/Cold Pack (inc. elasticated holster)

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  • 1787")Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Therapy Pack


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  • 2981")Kids Instant Ice Pack (Pack of 20)


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Ice packs - Instant disposable and reusable ice packs for sport injuries

Man with an injured leg

Cold therapy and ice treatment have become the de facto standard in sports rehabiliation and physiotherapy. All modern research points to the use of ice packs as being beneficial in the treatment of sporting injuries to help reduce swelling, decrease inflammation and dampen pain. Ice treatment can be used for both long term chronic problems and acute injuries.

We stock instant ice packs, cold compresses, ice wraps and hot and cold packs all from big name brands such as Koolpak.


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